Select the forms you need to complete based on our discussion when your appointment was booked.  Open the document, print the form, fill out completely, call if you have questions, and bring to your appointment.

Patient Guidelines for Thermography


  • Clothing:  Wear loose, non-binding, comfortable clothing.  Patient will disrobe and remove all jewelry for the scan.  A medical gown will be provided for your comfort.
  • Hair:  Needs to be secured above neck and off the face.
  • Body:  Do NOT use lotion, oil, cream, powder, deodorant, perfume or body spray on body areas to be scanned. Do NOT smoke, exercise or consume caffeine for 2 hours prior to scan.  Avoid sun exposure on day of scan.  Do NOT drink hot or cold beverages 15 minutes prior to the scan.
  • Inform Thermographer of any skin lesions on the area to be scanned, as this inflammation may cause a false positive result.
  • Diet and Medicine:  No change necessary.
  • Therapy:  Do NOT have physical therapy, massage, chiropractic adjustment or electromyography 24 hours prior to the scan.
  • Bring all completed paperwork to the appointment.
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